olivia + dave :: lion dancers, stuck elevators and door games, oh my!

It's been a year since I shot this wedding, but it continues to be a favorite. Maybe it's because it had cool lion dancers or maybe it was the silly door games that forced Dave, the groom and his groomsmen to wear lipstick. (Some looked way too good in it, by the way. No, I'm no jealous .... ok, maybe a little.) Or maybe it was that the bride got stuck in an elevator for a good half hour. It wasn't the fact that the beautiful Olivia got stuck in an elevator that made it a fave, it was how she came out of it ... with the most beautiful smile. You see, a wedding doesn't always go as planned but how you handle a bad or unwelcomed situation can easily determine the course the rest of your day takes. I suppose that applies to any day. In this case, a little elevator failure didn't keep Olivia's eye off what was important ... Dave. And vice versa.