love, luck + limericks: trailer

I tried … but I failed.

In honor of Tessa & Will and their lovely wedding day, I tried my damnedest to write a limerick as an introduction to this trailer. After you watch this trailer, you’ll see why a limerick intro would have been apropos. Every time I started writing a limerick, the only thing that stared back at me on the piece of paper I was writing was, “There once was a man from Nantucket.” Needless to say, I think the poem would have ended badly.

Super 8 film was used in the making of this little story within a story, his tease of bigger picture. I think Super 8 captured the feeling quite nicely. It has an otherworldly quality while remaining completely grounded. So romantic. So real. So sweet. So Tessa and Will.

So if, after watching this piece, you’re inspired to write a limerick, by all means send it my way! Just a helpful note, the groom isn’t from Nantucket, so that rhyme may not work.  Then again …. 

Cast of characters:
Photographer: Michael Segal
Venue: Ahmanson Ranch
Coordinator: Dana Gabriel, Orange Dove Events