beauty of their dreams :: teaser

How does that Eleanor Roosevelt quote go? The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Yeah, that’s it. 

Who knew that some 70+ years later her words would ring so strongly yet again in the hearts of Michelle and Ashlee … and so many others looking to make their dreams reality. Yes!

The future belongs to Ashlee and Michelle. They saw their future in each other. When Michelle walked down the aisle toward Ashlee, there was such a raw and beautiful reaction from them both. Ashlee gasped as Michelle began to walk towards her. 

Their dreams are loud and clear. 

The future is theirs.

My heart overflows with joy that those futures are now for all who seek them.


Cast of characters:

Photographer: Michael Segal
Planner: Cathy O'Connell, Celebrations of Joy

Venue: Sandacre Estate, Palm Springs