vintage4design :: a promo ala iphone

Do you ‘member what I did at the end of last summer? No? Well, allow me to remind you. I travelled to Chicago for a conference. It was my first time there and I was excited. Sinatra’s ‘My Kind of Town’ played in my head as I landed in this fair city. I decided on this, my inaugural visit, I’d produce a video … a personal one, nothing business related. The challenge I set for myself was to do it all on my iPhone.

Well, I did and the creativity it allowed me just plain ol’ tickled my creative innards. 

Not soon after I posted that Chicago iPhone only video, I was asked to create a promotional video. I said, “Sure, tell me more.” “Well”, I was told, “it’s a vintage items concierge service – Vintage4Design. We source vintage pieces for weddings, photo shoots, retail, etc., etc., etc.” Me: “Ok.” Them: “Oh, and we want it all shot on an iPhone.” 

Soooo, you know that feeling you get when you’re on a roller coaster and it reaches the very top? You look out and you can see for, what seems like, miles around. Then you look down and before you is a huge drop. It will, obviously, take forever to get down to the bottom and in that 5 seconds of eternity, you’re fighting with your stomach which has decided it’s best positioned somewhere near your throat. Yeah, that point when you look down and you feel two things simultaneously. You know that feeling ... the this-is-going-to-be-amazeballs-but-oh-holy-shit moment. 

Yeah. That was me. Could I pull off shooting a promo with just my iPhone? Hell. Who knows but I was gonna try.

So, here’s the piece. A little iPhone artsy fartyiness for ya.