describing infinite :: trailer

Shilpa sat down and unrolled the scrolled vows Steven had delivered to her. They weren’t going to exchange vows publicly. It’s not part of the Hindu ceremony custom that would be taking place just a couple hours later. Shilpa and Steven opted to exchange vows privately.

Along with Steven’s love letter, he also sent an audio file. He wanted Shilpa to hear his voice. Shilpa hit play and began to listen.

It’s a little difficult to describe how it felt to be in that room at the time. Humbled ... maybe. Honored ... definitely.

I could actually feel the love. I mean, like really feel it. This intangible began to take shape and I was there. So, now I share with you as best I can.

Cast of characters:

Planner: Cathy O'Connell, Celebrations of Joy
Photography: Michael Segal
Venues: Ritz Carlton, Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs Art Museum