am i the best?

I found these random musings I made in my iPhone notes a while back. I never really did anything with them. But being that it's the beginning of a new year and wedding planning holiday hiatuses are, for the most part, over, I think these scribbles might be apropos.  So, if you'll indulge me ... 

Am I the best at what I do? That question makes me laugh almost immediately. I would never think that. Do others believe it about themselves? Sure. Maybe. I don't know. And if so, then more power to them.

Do I actually believe it about myself? Yes and no. I do what I do and I do it well. I am the best in the industry? ... Yes, for certain people. This is true.

But who?

Maybe for people who watch my work and are moved by it. Then yes, I may be "The One".

For people who watch my work and feel like they now know the couple in the video, then yes, I may be the filmmaker for them.

For people who read the 'About Me' page on my website and think, "Yeah, I could sip vodka and discuss Kerouac in a bar in Iceland with Iz then transition into a conversation about Game of Thrones, then yeah, I think we could be friends and we'd have a great time shooting your wedding film.

Whatever the case, it's not about finding the best [period], it's about finding the best [for you]. Find what moves you and move towards it. Just like I'll find what's unique and special about you and your day and move towards that.

Remember ... #notallweddingfilmsarecreatedequal

Happy new year to you all!