priyanca + jason :: a union of disparate elements

This made my day. It truly made my day.

A few days ago I posted the wedding highlights of my sweet clients Priyanca and Jason on Facebook. Soon afterwards, I received the following email from a photographer friend who, for various reasons which are stated below, stepped away from shooting weddings. I was touched ... completely and unabashedly touched by the message. It was a wow moment for me. You'll see what I mean ...

Hi Isabel!
I hope all is well! I just have to tell you how amazingly talented you are. After watching your amazing video you posted (and actually starting to tear up), it makes me want to shoot weddings again. This is a bit personal, but after I got divorced a few years ago and that combined with feeling burned out on weddings - all the money put towards the industry and everything, I stepped away from it for a good while. This makes me want to look at weddings in a new way. Thank you for that. Again, you are so talented and if I ever get hitched again - I know who I want to film my day. 

So, I was floored by it. I teared up a little and then I smiled a goofy Izzy grin. 

And here's the video that my colleague was referring to. 

Special thanks to these lovely cast of characters:

Cynthia Aceves :: Ace Events
Adi Benner ::  Next Exit Photography
Rich Martinez  ::  Luxury DJ's