chicago :: a home movie

Here's a little something on a more personal note ... a home movie from a recent trip to Chicago. I went out to the windy city to attend a conference ... Sage Wedding Pros' Be Sage Conference to be exact. Tons of great information to be had.

So, in addition to wanting to add to my wedding business knowledge base on this trip, I also wanted to play. Who am I kidding? I always want to play. In this case, playing meant capturing images. Like most people these days, I love to take cell phone photos. I love to Instagram. Super easy. Super fun. The one thing I don't do much of ... I don't shoot video for myself. Not very often, anyway. How does the saying go? ... the cobbler's children have no shoes? Yeah. Well, that's me. I'm the videographer without a video.

I decided to change that on this trip. I wanted to create something for myself but I didn't feel like carrying around a bunch of equipment. So I went as guerrilla as I could ... iPhone. After all, it's not about the equipment but about the person behind it, right? Yeah, I kept telling myself that but who knew what I'd come up with.  ;)

Here's what I created.