lisa + seth :: black tie and red solo cups

When a couple first comes to me asking about my services, the first thing I do is ask a ton of questions. Probably not what a lot of couples want to hear especially when they just want to know "how much?" Now, here's the reason I ask the questions I do. Not only is it important to know the logistics of the day so I know how to build the right package, but it's also important to know what the couple's style is like, what's important to them and what their favorite cookies are. Ok, ok ... the cookie part is more for me - as a cookie lover with a gluten allergy, I live vicariously through the cookie-eating habits of others.  :)

So after I asked Lisa and Seth the questions above, here's a small excerpt of what Seth wrote ... "Lisa has been adamant that she "doesn't care" if it was BYO-food :) and we provide red Solo cups and kegs,  yet we are having a black tie wedding  ... a mature, fun, energized event, with the heart of college party."

Red Solo cups and black tie? That gave me a nice glimpse as to who they are a couple. Combine that with their fun-loving, silly energy on the day and I had a pretty clear vision as to what I was to do for their wedding teaser. Here's their trailer. Let me know what you think.