lauren + chuck :: i choose you // wedding film

“We live in a world full of endless possibility.

We have a choice in who we choose to become,

the impact that we have on others,

and the legacy we will choose to leave behind.”

These are the first words you hear spoken in this wedding film. They were vows being declared to a beloved but, I think, they apply to us all.

I // we … have the ability to learn every second of every day. My lovely couple here have schooled me. Well played, Lauren and Chuck, well played.

Planning: COJ Events
Photography: Katie Geiberger
Venue: Private residence & Big Horn Country Club

lauren + chuck :: from day one // teaser

Gotta be honest ... before I sat down to edit this, I was a little tired. I guess a bad night's sleep and no coffee in the house will do that to you. But once I started editing, I found my energy groove. Not sure exactly how but I'm pretty sure the joy that I could feel between Lauren and Chuck in every frame of this vignette helped perk me up. Joy does that, you know ... it revives you and it's kinda contagious. So, whether or not you've had your cup of Joe today, here's a little transport of delight that will surely be like sugar in your coffee. #letsbecontagious

Planning: COJ Events
Photography: Katie Geiberger
Venue: Private residence & Big Horn Country Club

marta + matt :: found and chosen, a wedding film

The boutonnière were made from pages out of the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Matt and Marta high fived as much as they kissed.
M & M are nerds. 
The ceremony took place in the round in an art deco venue in downtown LA.

Come on. What's not to love? 

olivia + dave :: lion dancers, stuck elevators and door games, oh my!

It's been a year since I shot this wedding, but it continues to be a favorite. Maybe it's because it had cool lion dancers or maybe it was the silly door games that forced Dave, the groom and his groomsmen to wear lipstick. (Some looked way too good in it, by the way. No, I'm no jealous .... ok, maybe a little.) Or maybe it was that the bride got stuck in an elevator for a good half hour. It wasn't the fact that the beautiful Olivia got stuck in an elevator that made it a fave, it was how she came out of it ... with the most beautiful smile. You see, a wedding doesn't always go as planned but how you handle a bad or unwelcomed situation can easily determine the course the rest of your day takes. I suppose that applies to any day. In this case, a little elevator failure didn't keep Olivia's eye off what was important ... Dave. And vice versa. 

roxane + sheperd :: wedding film, casa del mar

Roxane's sister stood up and gave a speech during reception. She recounted the time her mother realized Roxane had gone over the edge ... in love. "Roxane is in looooooove" is what she said as she swayed her hips back and forth in a silly reenactment. What a sweet moment. 

A wedding is full of so many of these sweet moments as well as many touching ones. You never know when they'll pop up. With a little love, a little joy and add some playfulness as the cherry topper, chances are good that you'll have a beautiful day as did Roxane and Sheperd. Congrats my lovelies!

madie + johnny :: a palm springs party teaser

If you know me at all, you know I loooove me some dancing. We've actually been working on mastering our shoot/dance style of capturing party footage. It's taken years of practice. What doesn't take years is an actual wedding celebration ... that seems to happen in a blink. Luckily, we were there to capture some of that fun magic. Check it out.

rabbit + her ingles :: a wedding teaser

Every wedding, while containing many of the same elements, is unique and that uniqueness comes from the couple. So, when the bride and groom describe themselves as characters out of a Hemingway novel, we do what we can to make their wedding film as unique as they are. Here’s the opening sequence to Stephanie & Sam’s wedding film. 

And yes, they had some beautiful Super 8.

laura + tim, journey of the hero :: wedding film

Joseph Campbell once wrote of the 12 stages of a hero in which a character in a film or book is developed and evolves. Star Wars' Luke Skywalker is a prime example of a hero on his journey. The best man at Laura and Tim's wedding made it quite clear, in his heartwarming and touching speech, that Tim was also one such example . 

This wedding film describes Tim's journey to his goddess, Laura. 

my mrs. kendall :: a wedding film

Ashlee and Michelle found, in each other, their future. 
You could just tell by the way they looked at each other. 
You could tell by the way they laughed together. 
By the way they comforted each other
but most especially, the way they proclaimed their forevers.

Ashlee and Michelle have a clear vision of what their future will look like and it will be wonderful.

love letters and conversation hearts

So, tell me. When you think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Chocolates? Cheesy yet lovable Hallmark cards? Roses? All sweet. Unless, of course, you’re allergic to chocolate and cheese.  

You know what I think of when cupid comes to visit? Conversation hearts! They take me back to the fourth grade and giving everyone in my class these cut-out styled Valentine cards. You remember them? The ones that came about 20 to a package. I’d attach these cards to a small box of conversation heart candies and hand them out to all my classmates. And, while I was so very happy to hand these out to everybody (including the kids who picked me second to last for the kickball team), there was that one special boy who I was most excited to present them to … Paul. He had a really bad cowlick, was about 4 inches shorter than I and had a crooked smile. He was so dreamy. Sigh. I wasn't exactly sure how cupid would deliver the message but I trusted that Eros would take it home for me. I knew that once Paul started to go thru his conversation hearts and read them, he’d know that these sugary messages would have special meaning because they came from me. He’d also notice that I drew a very tiny heart at the top of the card which I, oh-so obviously, didn’t draw on any other cards. Oh yes, Paul would see that and we’d live happily ever after … or until after recess, whichever came first. Ok, so at the end of the day he never verbally proclaimed his love for me but he did devour his candy without hesitation. This was proof positive that we were meant to be. 

That was one of my first forms of a love letter … candied hearts. 

When I think of love letters now, I think of Shakespeare’s sonnets or poems by Neruda. That was up until recently. Now I think of the letters shared between Shilpa and Steven. I had the pleasure of creating their wedding film and, I must say, it was one of the most romantic events I’ve ever had the privilege of being part of. I was there as they read these beautiful, thoughtful, ethereal words of love. It’s hard for me to explain in words how it felt on the day as I am no Shakespeare nor Neruda. So, please allow me to show you how I weaved it all together visually and aurally. 

I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day filled with love. Love of man. Love of self. 

Hugs and conversation hearts,


love, luck + limericks: trailer

I tried … but I failed.

In honor of Tessa & Will and their lovely wedding day, I tried my damnedest to write a limerick as an introduction to this trailer. After you watch this trailer, you’ll see why a limerick intro would have been apropos. Every time I started writing a limerick, the only thing that stared back at me on the piece of paper I was writing was, “There once was a man from Nantucket.” Needless to say, I think the poem would have ended badly.

Super 8 film was used in the making of this little story within a story, his tease of bigger picture. I think Super 8 captured the feeling quite nicely. It has an otherworldly quality while remaining completely grounded. So romantic. So real. So sweet. So Tessa and Will.

So if, after watching this piece, you’re inspired to write a limerick, by all means send it my way! Just a helpful note, the groom isn’t from Nantucket, so that rhyme may not work.  Then again …. 

Cast of characters:
Photographer: Michael Segal
Venue: Ahmanson Ranch
Coordinator: Dana Gabriel, Orange Dove Events


beauty of their dreams :: teaser

How does that Eleanor Roosevelt quote go? The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Yeah, that’s it. 

Who knew that some 70+ years later her words would ring so strongly yet again in the hearts of Michelle and Ashlee … and so many others looking to make their dreams reality. Yes!

The future belongs to Ashlee and Michelle. They saw their future in each other. When Michelle walked down the aisle toward Ashlee, there was such a raw and beautiful reaction from them both. Ashlee gasped as Michelle began to walk towards her. 

Their dreams are loud and clear. 

The future is theirs.

My heart overflows with joy that those futures are now for all who seek them.


Cast of characters:

Photographer: Michael Segal
Planner: Cathy O'Connell, Celebrations of Joy

Venue: Sandacre Estate, Palm Springs

vintage4design :: a promo ala iphone

Do you ‘member what I did at the end of last summer? No? Well, allow me to remind you. I travelled to Chicago for a conference. It was my first time there and I was excited. Sinatra’s ‘My Kind of Town’ played in my head as I landed in this fair city. I decided on this, my inaugural visit, I’d produce a video … a personal one, nothing business related. The challenge I set for myself was to do it all on my iPhone.

Well, I did and the creativity it allowed me just plain ol’ tickled my creative innards. 

Not soon after I posted that Chicago iPhone only video, I was asked to create a promotional video. I said, “Sure, tell me more.” “Well”, I was told, “it’s a vintage items concierge service – Vintage4Design. We source vintage pieces for weddings, photo shoots, retail, etc., etc., etc.” Me: “Ok.” Them: “Oh, and we want it all shot on an iPhone.” 

Soooo, you know that feeling you get when you’re on a roller coaster and it reaches the very top? You look out and you can see for, what seems like, miles around. Then you look down and before you is a huge drop. It will, obviously, take forever to get down to the bottom and in that 5 seconds of eternity, you’re fighting with your stomach which has decided it’s best positioned somewhere near your throat. Yeah, that point when you look down and you feel two things simultaneously. You know that feeling ... the this-is-going-to-be-amazeballs-but-oh-holy-shit moment. 

Yeah. That was me. Could I pull off shooting a promo with just my iPhone? Hell. Who knows but I was gonna try.

So, here’s the piece. A little iPhone artsy fartyiness for ya.

describing infinite :: trailer

Shilpa sat down and unrolled the scrolled vows Steven had delivered to her. They weren’t going to exchange vows publicly. It’s not part of the Hindu ceremony custom that would be taking place just a couple hours later. Shilpa and Steven opted to exchange vows privately.

Along with Steven’s love letter, he also sent an audio file. He wanted Shilpa to hear his voice. Shilpa hit play and began to listen.

It’s a little difficult to describe how it felt to be in that room at the time. Humbled ... maybe. Honored ... definitely.

I could actually feel the love. I mean, like really feel it. This intangible began to take shape and I was there. So, now I share with you as best I can.

Cast of characters:

Planner: Cathy O'Connell, Celebrations of Joy
Photography: Michael Segal
Venues: Ritz Carlton, Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs Art Museum


invisible to the eye :: teaser

The bride had a tattoo on her forearm. It was in French. My French is limited to “A glass of red wine please” and a couple of swear words that would be best not to mention here. When I asked her what her tattoo said, she quoted a line from the book “The Little Prince”. “Je l’adore!”, I said. Well, maybe I didn’t quite reply in French but I did say , “I love it” … with a French accent, of course.

Maybe it was that tattoo and her describing her ideal wedding film as being a little quirky and her mentioning her love of Wes Anderson films that helped me give shape to the teaser below. Yeah, maybe so.

galaxies collide :: a teaser

i believe in the power of touch. 

it's beautiful.
if two people are on the same page,
they can give and receive with one simple action.
it's a yin yang of some pretty awesome energy.

it's a way in which many of us express love.
that's how laura and tim express love.
i didn't have to hear them say 'i love you' ...
all i had to do was watch them touch.

here's laura and tim's parker palm springs teaser ... 

Cast of characters:
Planning: Kathy Recchia, Save the Date Events
Photography: onelove photography