YOU ... 


love movies.

You adore a great soundtrack.
You see yourself and your partner growing old together, still holding hands,
ever more in love.

You don't mind getting your dress or tux a little dirty ...
or maybe a lot when the time is right.

Your story is one you want to pass down to your children and grandchildren to cherish.

You feel deeply when you watch my films.





People who meet me these days often find it hard to believe that I received my degree in accounting. The polarity of what I studied in school and what I do now is fairly pronounced, I suppose. When I entered college, I probably thought that it was the “right” choice for a first generation member of the family to go to university. Climb the corporate ladder and all that. It didn’t take long to figure out that it just wasn’t for me. It lacked the type of creativity I craved.

It made me realize I had a different road to take.

I'm a romantic.
I'm an empath.
I love laughter.
Music moves me.
I'm a quirky sasspot.
I love the visual arts.

These are a few of the things that led me down the road to becoming a storyteller. A story comes together when great imagery is thoughtfully weaved together with compelling narrative, events and emotion. My camera became the tool to allow my eyes and ears the creative freedom they so badly needed.

My goal at the end of each storytelling journey is to create a film that isn't just something you see but something you feel.