I'm a romantic.

I'm pretty nice.

I love to dance.

My nickname is Iz … or Izzy.

I'm a little shy but have a goofy side.

I love to travel. Destination weddings are the bomb.

I have a cat named Newt – she’s named after the little girl in 'Aliens'.

I love shooting with DSLRs but I also LOVE shooting me some vintagey Super 8 film.

I remember the smell of the pancakes that were served in preschool. I remember the sporks too.

Photography is cool. I admire it mostly. On occasion though I’ll whip out the cell phone and take some mad shots. You should check out my Instagram account. 

I think cellos are sexy. I’ve taken a few lessons. I can probably whip out a mean rendition of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' for you.

I have a degree in Business.

I went skydiving once ... I'd like to do it again.

I'd like to travel to Iceland one day, sit in a bar, drink vodka and read a book that only makes sense while drinking vodka.  .... CORRECTION: Since the original posting, I have travelled to Iceland, had vodka BUT have yet to find that elusive book that only makes sense while drinking vodka. Book suggestions appreciated.

I’ve cried at weddings. I might cry at yours.


Your wedding film is an archive .. one filled with emotion and memories. It’s a precious collection of moments weaved together to help you relive them over and again.

And one day, when you’re sitting around playing with your grandchildren, you may tell them stories of when you were younger. They might laugh in disbelief that you were ever young. After all, grandparents were always grandparents, right? Share with them what that first day of marriage was like. How pretty grandma was. How cool granddad was. If that first moment they see you on film was anything like the first time I ever saw my grandfather on film as a young man, then it’ll be magical.

My main goal will always be on capturing the emotion, the story.

In my wedding films, the emotions and story are the fabric, the wedding traditions and details are the color and the music is the thread that ties it all together. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely garment to wrap yourself up in?